Sofia Mountaineering Club is an organization which aims to establish a community for people interested in everything related to mountains.

I. We would like to be a meeting place for those who are enthusiastic about walks, trekking, boulder climbing, skiing, mountain biking, photography and every kind of activity, hobby and pastime associated with the mountain.

The aim is to establish a community of people who help each other, discover and develop their interests related to mountaineering. We are different from other clubs in that we do not aim to make a profit and are not oriented towards offering services. Our objective is to make the mountain more popular and more accessible.

Another side of the club’s activity is related to voluntary work. We consider that children who are disadvantaged and grow up without their parents would greatly benefit from contact with Bulgarian mountains which have always been at the heart of our national spirit and culture and not without a reason.

Led not only by good intentions but by our sincere wish we decided that the club’s activity should be closely linked to an activity not so typical of other mountaineering organizations. Together with our friends from the Little Children Foundation we started an initiative of taking to the mountains children to whom no one can reveal its secrets.

The initiative of taking on outings children from the home for children deprived of parental care Petko Slaveikov dates back to September 2013. That same year we managed to raise funds and use them to sign up 20 children from the home at a ski school in Vitosha. So far we have done more than 10 outings together. We will continue with this activity through 2016 as well.
More information about our projects with the children from Petko Slaveikov is available here

II. Another side of our activity is related to establishing an awareness of the mountain. All of our efforts in this direction are made as part of a campaign called #RespecttheMontain. Other related initiatives are the printing of stickers with three simple rules which everyone should remember. We place them mostly in mountain areas and huts.
Apart from the stickers part of this campaign is placing first aid kits in the mountains. We started by placing 4 first-aid kits in Vitosha area (for more information see here). This is just the beginning and we plan to place similar kits in most of Bulgaria’s mountains.

III. “Come to the mountain” is a forum whose objective is to establish mountain culture in Bulgaria. We are trying to re-establish forgotten knowledge and good practices, because we are certain that the correct application of mountain survival skills would make everyone’s stay in the mountains more pleasant and less dangerous. Our aim is to bring to one place our will and our experience every month so that more people will have the chance to start out trekking well prepared and in turn share the skills they have acquired. This forum welcomes experienced trekkers and mountain travelers who care about mountaineering and are invited to present lectures on various topics.